Welcome to Janet and Stephen's e-mails from their Middle East trip, January-February 2008.

The files that you will find, are our e-mails back to friends and family.  When you click on the country below, it will open up a list (it looks like an FTP table) of all the files in date order. 

So just click on the country you want and go through the e-mails one at a time.  Use the browser back arrow <= to go back to the list and look at the next e-mail.

You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer (MS IE) to view the files (most versions work, older versions may not).  Mozilla Firefox will not work - it can't translate MHTML files.  MS IE translates the .eml files into html (web) format.  Firefox just lists the file in the original html source.  Windows users of Firefox can add the extension (add-on) IETab, for a quick and easy way to get an MS IE tab in Firefox.  Linux solutions also don't support MHTML. 

Also, if a picture doesn't show up in the e-mail, refresh the page (F5) and it will usually show up on the refresh. 

So give it a try.  Just click on the folder you want to see and then click on the particular email.  They are labeled in letter order (A, B, C,...etc.)




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