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We rode from 10 to 35 miles a day, over jeep roads. We were accompanied by a "sag wagon" which carried all our equipment and food.
White Rim 4-06_1 * In April, 2006, Stephen, Jay Siegel, Harvey Schloss and a small group of elder riders spent four days in the Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah, on the White Rim trail, riding Mountain Bikes. * 1600 x 1236 * (403KB)

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White Rim 4-06_3 * We had two guides, Kristy and Rhonda who did the cooking and set up the campsite each night. They took turns driving the sag wagon and biking along with us. * 1600 x 1236 * (298KB)

White Rim 4-06_4 * Upper left - we drop 1200 feet into the canyon. Stephen, top right.  Jay, bottom right. The 4 wheeel drive sag wagon follows us along. * 1600 x 1236 * (349KB)

White Rim 4-06_5 * Canyonlands Nat'l Park is desert.  We were only allowed to ride on the jeep roads.  All other areas were protected as the vegetation (cryptobiotic crust)is very fragile and keeps the desert from turning into shifting sand dunes. * 1600 x 1236 * (436KB)

White Rim 4-06_6 * We stop to take a short hike to a native American Indian grainary storage spot. * 1600 x 1236 * (339KB)

White Rim 4-06_6a * Stephen, upper left.  A group photo, taken by Jay (that's why he is missing)at the grainary. * 1600 x 1236 * (425KB)

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